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Robert Parde is an Australian producer, pianist, song writer and music industry professional...

Rob joined Ralph Carr's Melbourne Rock band Janz in the late eighties with David Janz, Steve 'Mac' Mclennan, David Carr and Phil Martin.

Robert Parde's song writing credits include:  Rick Price - Tamborine Mountain album. Musicians on the Tamborine Mountain album: Rick Price, John Watson, Joe Creighton, Mark Punch, Ben Wilsch, T-Bone Wolk, Tina Arena, Tommy Emmanuel, Ray Pereira, Lindsay Field, Venetta Fields, Robert Parde, Laurence Maddy & Pam Reswick. Through Columbia Records/Original release year: 1995

He wrote Wasn't It Good on Tina Arena's 1996 album Don't Ask with Tina Arena and Heather Field, the album sold over a million copies. Rob won the prestigious APRA Song of the Year title for Wasn't It Good, additional tracks on the album written by Robert Parde included: Greatest Gift with Tina Arena. Robert performed backing vocals on the album and was a co-production arranger with Tina Arena, David Campbell and Dave Tyson. Rob also has credits on the DVD for Wasn't It Good.

1998 Writers Workshop produced Lost and Found with Sean Sennett and Robert Parde.

In 2001 at the 75th Anniversary of APRA awards Robert Parde won the Most Performed Australian Work category for Shine performed by Vanessa Amorosi and written by Robert with Vanessa Amorosi and contributed to by Mark Holden, which won the APRA Most Performed award for Rob in 2000.

Olivia Newton John first ever duet album, simply titled "2" released in Australia. I Love You Crazy - (with Human Nature) was written by Brooke McClymont, Robert Parde and Steve Werfel.

Lost & Found a single by Sean Sennett through Mushroom/Standard was released in May 2002 was produced by Robert Parde and Sean Sennett. He co-wrote four songs with Sean Sennett including: Lost and Found, Bicycle, (If You Hide) Behind The Sun and On Christmas Day: selected by Rolling Stone for the annual New Sounds CD.

Additional song writing credits include: Marie Wilson - Take Me as I Am written by Marie Wilson and Robert Parde. Tori - Cherry Blossom written by Tori Horgan & Robert Parde in 2006 with demp production by Tori Horgan & Robert Parde. Luv Me written by Rob Parde, Steve Monopoli and Sophie Monk for Sophies debut album Calendar Girl, released in 2003. Artists: Kel Wolgramm, Nat Dunn and Rod Davies. The Earthday album by Ian Sandercoe includes many co-writes with Ian Sandercoe.

He is considered one of Australia's most sought after pop writers and continues to write and collaborate with many artists in Australia and internationally.

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Rob Parde

Rob Parde Producer, Pianist, Song writer